iscovered in Kuala Lumper! - Woman Inventor!!!
    Prof. Halimaton Hamden has invented a device called maefogel, the lightest substance ever created, being 99% air. It is strong, light and translucent. She says that her breakthrough was accidental and that she had gotten the idea from watching TV. 
                      Exciting and Inspiring, to be sure!

                            LETS GET INVENTING!!!
If you think that this lady below is
an inventor, you are sorely mistaken.
Though she has handmade her stunning
ensemble, this is not inventing, it is    
fashion. Do not be confused as it will
only end in heartache. Inventing is not
This lady below sports sturdy brown shoes and wears her hair in an easy to keep do. Why? Because she’s busy inventing!  Make no mistake about it, if you embark on inventing you will be busier that a bee.
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ELPFUL             INT!!
This is NOT the proper footwear to sport while inventing!!
Below are examples of PROPER footwear for inventors!!!
Backwards!!! News_page_8.html
ords of warning!
                  nventing is serious business!!!