ust the facts, Please!!!!


f I could I would hold your hand!!!

An Ancient Edict Declared that ‘intercourse with a girl as young as three was acceptable as long as her father permitted it!!’ Thanks Dad!! It was thought that a girl would regain her virginity after her third birthday!!

A popular form of entertainment enjoyed at the Colosseum in Rome was to watch live children being torn to pieces and devoured by hyenas. Afterwards you could go out and enjoy sexual relations with a live child because child prostitution was institutionalized by the state!!! What a weekend!!

Charred remains of TENS OF THOUSANDS of ritually slaughtered children have been found around Carthage, Knossos and other archaelogical sites where people could buy children from the poor and cut their throats to gain favor from the gods. Children make wishes come true!!!

Wet-nursing was commercialized in all ancient civilizations as early as 300BC in Egypt and was common for all but the most poor. Babies were sent away to be nursed and not returned till they were between two and four years old.

Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and the Koran encouraged women to breast feed but were culturally considered swinish and filthy if they did. Fear of having misshapen breasts was more powerful than the worlds greatest religions!!!

Almost everyone gave their infants to a wet-nurse at birth! A Police survey from Paris in 1780 found that of the 21,000 children born in the city, 17,000 were sent out of the country to be nursed and of the 1400 that stayed at home with their parents , only 700 were nursed by their mothers!

In 1646 Massachusetts and Connecticut adopted Mosaic law - the death penalty for unruly children. They usually got a public flogging instead.

Whew!! Now we have Ritalin!!!

For learning - how about terror?!! The Medieval manual for child rearing  states “fear is good for putting the child in the mood to hear and understand. A child cannot quickly forget what he has learned in fear.”


Now it makes sense when the U.S. Dept. of State reports that ONE MILLION children a year are involved in the international sex trade!!!


NOW we know why the treasures from a ladies Undercarriage aren’t always experienced as sacred wonders who will inherit the future and

fix all the mess!!!



And we all know how hard it is to break a habit!!

What a pungent soup of knowledge!!!

Cleanse your palette with a different chapter!!!

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Hey, thanks 1938 for being the year that American child labor was finally legally abolished. Whew!!

Wait, there are still 250 million children worldwide forced to work!!! I guess they can’t read because their little fingers and eyes are busy at work!!!