BBC has just reported the most wonderful news from Pakistan! The remains of two ladies have been dug up! It has been proven through the benefit of science that these ladies had been buried alive. They had been buried thusly because they had questioned their tradition by wanting to marry men of their own choice, against the wishes of their elders violating family honor. 
There is even rumor of legal action!
These ladies and their Undercarriages can finally rest in peace!!!
    gypt sounded the horn of liberation for the Undercarriage this week by announcing a law against female circumcision! When I read that some sources claim that as many as  ninety-five percent of Egyptian woman are circumcised and that some even welcome it, you know I had to get to the bottom of it!
      s it turns out, women welcome circumcision because they are told and thus believe that if they do not get a certain part of their undercarriage removed that it will most certainly continue to grow and will become a penis!!!

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  his is exactly the kind of thing why Fern Poppy is calling for a re-thinking of the Undercarriage! Re-thinking       bonnets on!!!
Proof that Ladies can do anything!!!