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           most wonderful city is to be built in Abu Dhabi. It will be the most modern city in all the world. A completely Green City with the utmost consideration for the environment. With all the technological innovations that money can buy, it will live and breathe as if it’s a tree, wasting not a drop of precious energy!
            eware!  Ladies, if you get a chance to travel to this most incredible city make sure that your arms and legs are completely covered and also your hair.  IT IS THE LAW!
         n certain countries, if a man looks upon your bare arms or legs or the hair on your head it is as if he is looking right at your Undercarriage. And the Undercarriage is a horrible thing for men to be reminded of even though all men came out of one. This is not a time to be brazen. Cover up until I’ve had a chance to sort things out.
ARMS   or    LEGS  or   HAIR  =   UNDERCARRIAGE   = BAD!!!
        xtra          eware!!! Always read about the customs of a country before traveling. In some countries even if a man looks at a women’s face it is as if he is staring right into her undercarriage which is a crime that can bring death to a woman. Have patience, I’m sorting it all out but in the meantime cover up if you ever have the good fortune to travel to one of these countries.
XTRA               EMEMBER