UIZ!  WONDERFUL,          UIZ!!
What is this..?

ELPFUL           INT!! - You’re wearing one!

Still can’t get it!! How about now!!

That’s right!! It’s your voice box! I bet, you knew it looked familiar but you just couldn’t put your finger on it. Isn’t it beautiful!! This is where the human voice comes from! It’s just another miracle made by nature and you.

* It’s important that if you are going to help Re-think the Undercarriage with Fern Poppy that you are able to see the wonder and beauty in your own voice box and other things like it.

For practice, look at these creepy things that nature has also made and learn to Re-think them into the wonderous creatures they truly are.

* Eep!!! This could really take some practicing. Fern Poppy is really putting you to the test with this one!!!

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